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Event Updates


So you like to know what's going on, huh?

Well so do we! We will continually post updates of what is going on with both the Sioux City Tabletop Gamers, Game Con, and other hosted events. 


Want to let us know how jazzed you are about an idea?

We love to know that our members are happy, you liking the posts only lets us know that we are headed along in the right direction with our events. 


Something on your mind? Want to pick our brains about something?

Well we are here to listen. Go ahead and drop us a note on a post or go to the Contact Us tab to send us a direct email. We will get back to you as quickly as possible and we love to hear from you.


Don't want to keep all this amazingness to yourself?

Well neither do we! Go ahead and smash that share button to let your buddies know we've got something great in the works. 

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